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Founder Fernando Lundstedt is a skilled management and marketing consultant, business mentor and author. He has helped dentists develop and execute top-of-the-line marketing strategies for over 20 years. Dentists benefit from hisextensive training  and experience as a SCORE Counselor for Small Business. He is committed to helping dentists take their practices to the next level.

The New Marketing Center team consists of marketing professionals who provide dynamic tools that make dental practices thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our team of experts understands that in order to give your patients the best care possible you need a healthy, growing practice that reflects ongoing acquisition of new patients.

Take advantage of our knowledge of current marketing trends.

Let us help you implement best practices to promote your dental practicein a short amount of time.

Attract new patients with our proven marketing strategies whether you run a single-dentist dental practice or have many associates and several dental offices.

-We’ve coached countless numbers of dentists in the U.S. and overseas where we have identified the most effective marketing strategies to attract big case patients and significantly increased revenue.

Technology continues to advance the effective marketing of dental practices.

Dental services are now more visible and attractive to potential patients.

In an initial FREE consultation, discover how affordable, strategic resolutions will quickly resolve marketing issues that have plagued your progress.

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